Industrial laser systems

Horus S.r.l.  has been producing for years its laser modules, which are distinguished for quality and reliability.

All of them are equipped with APC electronics  that allow the feedback control of optical power.

There are different series, each with its own dimensions and features, but it is possible to realize custom products, also with specific housing.

Power range could vary from less than 1mW to over 100mW. The wavelengths available are between 532nm (green) and 980nm (infrared), with the most common 635 and 650nm (red).

The supply voltage can vary, depending on the model, from 3 to 24 Vcc.

For each module it is possible to choose the connection systems:  simple wires or connectors (also IP65); there are also accessories such as beam-expanders, pinholes, power supplies and brackets.